Learn HTML Basics lesson 2

html lesson 2
Learn HTML Basics lesson 2 In lesson 1 we learned what HTML file is, and learned its structure. We learned how to declare the HTML  type to the browser. Also we learned how to make header and body , page title, making paragraph and its head title , inserting link’s URL and images and how to make the image clickable. Now at learn HTML Basics Lesson 2, we will learn more about editing and styling the page content like listing, editing the font type , color , size and background color. Ord...

Learn HTML Basics lesson 1

Before learning HTML Basics, You should know that there are many web pages programming languages like HTML&CSS, PHP , JavaScript, Python, Ruby, jQuery. According to the type of your web pages you will choose your preferred programming language. If your website is simple and not interactive, your are advised to use HTML&CSS but if you want to design a more advanced website like Facebook or YouTube you have to use the other advanced programming language. Learn HTML Basics Lesson 1 No...

learn what is marketing

what is marketing
To learn what is marketing, Imagine that you are a farmer and in your farm have cows, hens and crops. To earn money you have to sell your products (Milk, Eggs and Crops) in the market hopping you would sell all products or at least the minimum amount of them that make you able to continue your business. At the other hand, I’m a consumer who will go to the market to buy some goods, why I would choose to buy your products instead of Nestlé’s and Anchor’s ?!, Marketing that’s why. Marketi...

How to install WordPress for the first time

Installation WordPress for your website is a very good choice because WordPress is a powerful tool or platform to make you expert at content publishing easily. So you will learn after completing reading this article, how to install WordPress for the first time ? Now you should have registered your domain and pointed it to your hosting server so you just want to begin installing WordPress and go publishing. Automated or quick Installation Type: And this is the fastest and easiest way to ...

How to design your website

After registering your domain name and choosing your webhosting type, you will need to build or design your website according to your business type you decided to work on. If you don’t have the enough knowledge about how to design your website, you should complete reading this article discussing how to design your website. Website Designing Guidelines According to the type of the website, the designing steps will be easy or difficult , also may be paid or free. Paid web designing...

Domain Registration and DNS Hosting

Chossing a Domain Name
Did you know before that every website has its own IP address like ( facebook IP address )? Try to Type this IP on your browser address bar, and Press Entre button you will directed to facebook.com Imagine that we should type this IP address every time we want to search at Google, I think it will be difficult to us to keep in mind each website IP address we used to browse from time to time. Domain Names has been created to facilitate this case, domain name is the website addr...

Web Hosting Types

In case you started building your online business, You will need to host your business on hosting server to be published into the web, So you should learn what is web hosting types and what is the difference between the web hosting types and plans to be able to choose the most suitabe web hosting plan to your online business. We all know that Internet means a huge network consists of millions of different networks, and these networks use the standard internet protocol suite  (Transmission Con...